I signed up, now what?

In order to use Mystickies on sites other than you will need a browser extention which you can get on the downloads page. Once installed you will need to login to your account. After that the extension will remember who you are and save your sticky notes to your account.

How can I make sticky notes?

Once you have the browser extention installed you can start adding sticky notes to the webpages you visit.

Press the Alt/Option key, press the left mouse button, and drag your mouse. A blue box will be drawn and when you release your left mouse button a sticky note will be created in place of the blue box at the same place and size
Selected text will appear in the note

Clicking into a note will select it, allowing you to edit the text. To move a selected note click anywhere outside of the note to deselect it. Then you can click and drag the note around the page. Once you have clicked inside a note you will notice an empty tag in the upper right of the note. You may either press Tab to move the cursor from the main body of the note to the tag, or click on the tag. This will allow you to add a tag/label to your note. You can sort and filter notes on the notes page in your account.

How can I tag and organize my notes?

To add a tag to a note you first need to select the note by clicking on and selecting it. Once a note is selected the text cursor will appear in the note and an empty tag will pop out of the right of the note. Pressing the Tab key or clicking the tag will put the text cursor there, allowing you to type a word or two to categorize the note.

Some examples of good tags could be: "homework", "reminder", "cool", "work related", or "uganda report". On the notes page you can filter by these tags to find all the notes which have the a given tag.

How do I leave feedback?

You can leave us feedback by emailing [email protected].

Is there a privacy policy?

Yes: Here

Can I contact you?

You can leave us feedback by sending us an email at [email protected] or ask for support by emailing us at [email protected]